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Waterkracht specialises in powerful, effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.
The company designs, manufactures, delivers, and maintains systems that meet almost any cleaning demand.
Nearly any cleaning problem can be solved with the cleaning systems the company offers.
One of its customers operates a large mill on site in Bad Langensalza, in Germany, where various types of flour are produced on a large scale.
Directly next to it is the facility which operates an internal silo cleaning facility that pre-cleans the silo vehicles that intends to load the flour.
Inside there is a silo interior cleaning track with three pieces of electric Kärcher tank washing heads. These are supplied with about 83-84°C of hot water via a large Grundfos centrifugal pump system. Pressure and water quantity per head are about 30 bar -producing 60 litres/minute.
However, the customer has complained about frequent centrifugal pump breakdowns as they appear not to be suitable for the high water temperature.
Only cold and hot water is used and chemicals are not added. The water has been supplied from large water storage tanks.
Innovative technology
So Waterkracht has come up with a solution. For more than 45 years, Waterkracht has put all its experience into the development and production of high pressure cleaning machines.
The Dutch company specialises in efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.
In the low, medium, and high pressure segments, Waterkracht offers a wide range of products and customised systems.
In this case, the company supplied three pieces of frequency-controlled hot water hydrojets with a capacity of 100 bar at 61 litres/minute. The pumps have proven to be perfectly suitable for temperatures up to 85° C.
The hydrojets are charged with pre-pressure and the units have a bypass with venting. This means that any bypass water can be fed back into the water supply side of the pump without it starting to cavitate.
Another advantage is that no bypass hose has to be pulled back to the water storage tank.
On the water supply side, there is also an electrically controllable three-way valve for changing between cold and hot water.
On the high-pressure side, three tank washing heads, RW 190 A, with cover plate have also been installed. These each run at 100 bar at 50 litres/minute.
The pumps are suitable for a maximum of 61 litres/minute and the system rotates at a lower speed level due to the frequency control. This saves energy and maintenance costs.
The three high-pressure systems can be switched via its central stainless steel control box in the wash hall. Here, the tank wash heads can be switched on and off individually and switched between cold and hot water.
Plus points
One of the advantages is the significantly lower maintenance costs due to the hot water hydrojets with frequency control.
Additionally due to the higher pressure, the amount of water can be reduced with better cleaning results. Finally the customer saves 10 litres of water per head per minute compared to the old system.
For more information: Visit: waterkracht.com

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