Quala partners with UTLX Field Services in rail car cleaning sector

Quala and UTLX have partnered to offer full-service rail car cleaning and maintenance services at Quala’s Pasadena location.
Quala Rail & Specialty offers comprehensive rail car cleaning services and with the addition of UTLX Field Services, customers will have access to a full set of maintenance, repair, inspections, and qualifications at one site.
The Texas-based company will continue to focus on safe and environmentally sound cleaning practices, while UTLX will offer a full suite of maintenance services.
These services include valve service, tank repairs, welding repairs, brake service, coupler repairs, inspections, and full qualifications.
Quala and UTLX will coordinate services to make the experience seamless for their customers.
During the transition, Quala will continue to deliver services without interruption to their customers while maintenance and repairs will still be available.
The new partnership aims to reduce operational logistics and cost for customers by providing a coordinated solution at a single location.
John Bauer, president of Quala Rail & Specialty Services, said: “This partnership brings together two industry leaders delivering high quality rail car cleaning and maintenance services in the Houston market. Logistics and turnaround time are paramount for our customers, and our focus remains on reducing cost and completion time on each railcar at our facility.”

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