Samat Group acquires Haanpaa Group

France-based Samat Group has acquired Haanpaa Group, a Finnish company that specialises in transporting chemical products across countries based near the Baltic Sea region.

Samat, which specialises in transporting hazardous materials, said that the new acquisition will help it to expand its operations across Europe. A Samat spokeswoman said: “It’s a great time in the group development, a new stage in its history characterised by a major international opening.

Half of the turnover will now be distributed to France and the other half for the rest of Europe.”

In a statement, the group said it expected to develop its presence in Europe by integrating the activities of the Haanpaa Group in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Russia, and the Netherlands.

The company also said the acquisition reinforces its ability to “meet the challenges and needs of the European chemical market, by road and intermodal”.

The Haanpaa Group, whose history started in 1949 as Haanpaa family-owned business, was over the years owned by different investment funds.

It now joins a structured family group. This new entity becomes a major player in the logistics and transport of dangerous goods in Europe, Samat said.

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