Scandinavian Biogas seals deal for Ekdalens Biotransport

Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International has finalised the acquisition of Ekdalens Biotransport.
The acquisition is part of Scandinavian Biogas’s strategy to achieve greater integration across the entire value chain, from organic waste to produced biogas and bio-fertiliser, and the capacity to offer comprehensive transport service to the biogas industry.
Ekdalens is a market leader in the transport of organic material with a focus on substrate and bio-substrate to and from biogas facilities in southern Sweden.
Biogas production is a growing industrial sector, and reliable substrate suppliers are absolutely crucial for the biogas industry. Biogas producers need a strong logistics partner with a high level of expertise.
Ekdalens, headquartered in Helsingborg, was founded in 2005 by Ulf Wäktare, the current CEO and previous owner.
Mr Wäktare will continue as Ekdalens operations manager and will join the management team of Scandinavian Biogas’s Swedish operations.
Ekdalens will continue to operate in its current form and the direction of the business will remain unchanged.
Matti Vikkula, CEO of Scandinavian Biogas, said: “We look forward to integrate Ekdalens into our group and the increased sales and positive result are welcomed.”

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