Sennder joins forces with Everoad with aim of achieving €1 billion in revenues

The merger has been announced
The merger has been announced
Sennder, a European leader in the digitalisation of road freight transport, has announced its merger with French freight tech company Everoad.
The strategic alliance is the foundation to build Europe’s largest digital road freight forwarding platform to facilitate the relationship between shippers and carriers.
Their proprietary technology connects large enterprise companies with small trucking firms and will help freight logistics reduce its environmental impact and set the agenda for a sustainable industry.
Succeed as a team
Since its foundation in 2015, sennder has strived to revolutionise the world of freight transport in Europe.
By joining the ranks with its French counterpart, Everoad, they will further expand their geographic growth journey with local presences across all major logistics and transport hubs.
With offices across six countries, Europe's two largest digital freight forwarders, lead the way in digital logistics and transportation completing over 35,000 loads per month.
sennder and newly formed Everoad by sender now have a 350-people strong team and an extensive network of 10,000 carrier...

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The merger has been announced