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Coating Center, founded in 2003, is a technology driven business with almost 20 years’ experience in the coatings and sealing industry. Tank Cleaning Magazine speaks to Jason Donohue, the company’s global operations director.
Can you explain the origins of Coating Center, where you are based, how many people you employ and your core business?
Coating Center was born into one of the largest sealing groups in the industry and we currently lead the market with products such as the Teftek Ultraseal. We continue to drive innovation with over two decades of experience providing total sealing solutions to our customers while offering complete peace of mind.
Coating Center is a small company with a big company attitude that continues to grow and expand its roots year on year.
We currently have 16 employees that operate across our two sites. Our headquarters and our manufacturing facility are located in the south of the UK, and we also have a European hub in Rotterdam that we have recently expanded to support our European customer base.
Coating Center is dedicated to offering total sealing solutions to the ISO tank industry, forming the heart of our core business.
We are also growing in the road and rail markets offering similar solutions across these platforms. Our products used on many tanks across the globe, and our key business infrastructure makes it easy for us to supply any customer anywhere, anytime.
We are completely dedicated to supplying the highest possible quality of product and industry leading customer service to our global customer base. What is the relationship between the business that you do and the tank cleaning industry? Why is this important?
We strongly believe that when a tank is reprocessed using our high performance seals and gaskets, they play a vital role in ensuring the next load is safely secured.
Safety is the key component in this industry and that is why we pride ourselves on having industry leading quality across our full products range. Our in-house quality assurance and control teams play a vital role ensuring all products meet our compliance criteria for the intended application, without compromise.
We have made a significant investment in purchasing state-of-the-art measuring equipment used for taking critical measurements of components such as valve seats to ensure 100% compliance.
I also believe we are one of, if not the only non-OEM to hold certification for our products. This indicates our products have been tested to protocol and approved by Lloyd’s Register.
Can you outline some of the technologydriven innovations within the company?
Coating Center provides high performance ultra seals and I believe sets the standard for the industry.
Having our manufacturing facility for these seals in-house at our HQ allows our technology team to test new ideas and the latest innovations. We have just finished the final round of tests on a new high performance ultra seal that we believe will be a gold standard in the industry. We are very excited to have finally created our vision, and I hope to be in the next edition of Tank Cleaning Magazine launching our new product on to the market.
Sustainability is currently a big industry buzzword. Is that something Coating Center feels is an important aspect of the business?
We totally believe in sustainability, and we have a number of projects we are working to enable that.
We recently introduced lean working platforms into our business and we are already seeing positive results.
How challenging has the pandemic been for you and how have you ensured your workers’ safety?
Going into lockdown last year now feels like a lifetime ago. It’s been the biggest challenge most businesses will ever face in a lifetime and it has had a major impact on everyone’s life.
There was no manual, no real planning, and the impact this was about to have on our lives was huge. The Coating Center is extremely fortunate to have remained fully operational during the pandemic and all staff remained active in their roles, while ensuring we did our utmost to protect them and their families from the virus.
Protective measures were put in place across our business to ensure we remained fully operational and that we continued to provide the service our customers are used to. There were some major obstacles to overcome during this period, but the saving grace was the sheer size of our inventory. This meant that we were able to keep the wheels turning, supplying our industry while shipping lanes were closed and shipments from suppliers were unable to reach us.
We experienced record month after record month and high growth periods last year and we have seen a consistent flow this year. I believe that our one team attitude combined with our stocking position contributed greatly to our survival. Embracing change in our working practices and the way we conducted business with customers was one of the biggest takeaways for me. I must say without a doubt, I’m all Zoomed out.
With the easing of restrictions in most countries, I hope very soon to be back visiting customers and supporting my EU colleagues in person.
For more information: Visit: coatingcenterinc.com

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