Smart tank adoption moves into higher gear

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Den Hartogh has been installing telematics on its tank containers for the last 10 years.
Now, the logistics company has been celebrating a major milestone as a large part of its isocyanate fleet has been equipped with this IT solution.
Den Hartogh can now add a broad variety of sensor information, where temperature and pressure details are vital.
Peter Boodt, technical supervisor at Den Hartogh, said: "Thanks to our innovative tank telematics solution we are able to continuously monitor our remote tank container fleet. Dedicated data centres continuously receive, store and process sensor information including location information of the remote tanks.
“Optimal transport planning belongs to today’s possibilities because we are now aware of the temperate inside the tank and other sensor data. The more data we can share, the better informed our customer is."
“Being one of the first global players in smart tank telematics gives us a leading edge. It is great to see that our customers have embraced this innovation and that they relate smart tank telematics directly to Den Hartogh. Innovations drives change as the system processes a large amount of data. This enables Den Hartogh to be pro-active to our customers in case of deviations, which the system can automatically detect,” Nils van der Poel, IT project manager, added.
“As Den Hartogh we propel our customers forward to management by exception, as the system behind the telematics now takes care of many tedious tasks. It will improve safety, cargo quality and gives better insight into transport transparency. Not only does it improve customer satisfaction, but also quality of work of our employees.”

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