Spanish success in tank cleaning industry

ARCOI was established more than half a century ago in Tarragona, Spain, and in the beginning was dedicated to the development and manufacture of thermal dynamic systems, creating a variety of products for different types of industries.
As the company was located near the important petrochemical centre in Tarragona, it began specialising in the design, manufacture, and installation of cleaning systems for tank trailers, tank containers and industrial vehicles.
ARCOI offers turnkey washing systems, which are well known in the industry for their durability and ease of maintenance.
Currently approximately 80% of all tank cleaning stations certified by the Spanish Association for Tank Cleaning (ANLIC/EFTCO) have been developed and installed by ARCOI.
ARCOI recently installed a third washing lane to an existing cleaning station at Transportes Montes Orozco in Portugal.
Additionally, a complete cleaning station is in the pipeline for Transportes Baltransa en Pinto, in Madrid. The opening of a new cleaning station is planned for later this year in Bilbao, Spain.
New projects are also being planned for customers in France and Germany. ARCOI cleaning stations are also present in Colombia and Mexico.
With years of experience, the company said it was committed to manufacturing robust and long-lasting equipment that was easy and quick to repair with ISO components. ARCOI’s monoblock solution (TBO) incorporates a compact kit set up with all the elements needed to perform tank trailer washing and steaming.
About the size of a 20 ft standard container, the TBO is completely assembled in ARCOI’s factory.
The facility includes pump benches, an accumulation tank containing 12,000 litres for hot water, a steam generator, a hot water boiler and electronic control panel for all the necessary processes.
The TBO offers thermal capacity as well as the necessary pressure needed to supply up to 12 rotating washing heads.
The rotating spray heads are a patented ARCOI design. Water flow, rotation speed and water pressure can be adjusted easily according to the product that is needed to be cleaned.
The spray heads are suitable for water pressure up to 200 bars and water temperature up to 110C.
According to ARCOI, the hydraulic drive guarantees smooth operation and longevity. The big-flow model provides up to 280 litres per minute and is ideal for the cleaning of tank containers with only one manhole.
The rotary heads are designed to spray the detergents needed for cleaning automatically and in the right proportion. Thanks to this system, the indirect application of chemicals reduces the direct handling of these products and increases safety.
With its system of overheated water, reaching very high temperatures, its spray heads are specially-designed for this and the cleaning of difficult products such as chocolate. As a result, previous steaming of the tank is no longer necessary, saving energy and time.
The TBO can be quickly integrated into the facilities at the customer’s site. An optional drying system for the interior of the tank trailers can also be added upon request. The steam generator of the TBO provides sufficient thermal capacity together with a powerful air flow to ensure immediate evaporation of the remaining moisture inside the tanks.
This drying system is fast and easy to use – in just 10 minutes, the tank will be dry and ready for the next load.
A modular installation system can also be adapted to fit any cleaning station. This is mainly composed of a steam boiler, a tank accumulation of cold water, an accumulation tank of hot water, pump benches and rotary spray heads. The mounting system offers a wide range of possibilities to satisfy future demands.
Additionally, degasification torches are applied to prepare tanks with remnants of flammable goods.
In its research and development department, ARCOI is constantly looking to improve its performance and standards as well as develop new technologies. For facilities that work with electrical generators for their energy supply, ARCOI offers a co-generation system that takes advantage of the heat generated by the explosion gases of the generator. It preheats the water to wash tank interiors, reducing up to 70% of energy consumption in the washing stations. Furthermore, the oil burners used for the hot water boiler and the steam generator can easily be replaced by burners using natural gas and soon as well using hydrogen, reducing substantially the carbon footprint of each cleaning. Application
To keep pace with the developing digital world, ARCOI has developed an application for Android and IOS, which explains in a very detailed way the functions of its cleaning system.
Users can virtually interact with all components of the Monoblocksystem and observe all processes during the simulation of a tank cleaning.
For more information: Visit: arcoi.net

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