Spraying Systems Co. launches new product to clean interior tank surfaces

US-headquartered spray technology company Spraying Systems Co. has launched a new product to clean tanks.

The TankJet 78 tank cleaner can clean tanks up to 13.7m in diameter. In a statement, the company said that its new spray cleaner is equipped with solid stream nozzles and “provides high-impact cleaning and 360° coverage to ensure complete cleaning of all interior tank surfaces”.

The unit features a unique self-draining, threadless design that meets the 3-A standard 78-01 requirements for spray devices intended to remain in place.

The design also enables users to service and maintain the unit without tools. Assembly and disassembly can be done in less than five minutes, the company said.

 According to Spraying Systems, the TankJet 78 tank cleaner is ideal for cleaning blenders, brewery tanks, food processing vats, dairy tanks, spray dry towers and more. It is also well-suited for use in non-sanitary operations where debris and clogging necessitate frequent maintenance.

Available in single-hub, two-nozzle or dual hub, four-nozzle designs, the TankJet 78 tank cleaner can be mounted permanently or moved easily from tank to tank. The unit also retrofits directly into existing spray ball installations. 

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