Stolt Tank Containers online upgrade to provide live shipment tracking system

Stolt Tank Containers has upgraded its website to provide a more extensive range of information and functionality.
In addition to latest news from the company and the industry, plus a range of insights into Stolt Tank Containers’ services and workforce, the upgraded site provides access to a live customer shipment tracking system and brand-new supplier portal.
The improved online availability of information and digital services, which complements the company’s personal approach to providing bespoke tank container services, comes at a time when it couldn’t be more critical.
“The impact of COVID-19 on supply chains across the globe has increased the need for a truly innovative approach, incorporating and building upon real-time information and communication,” said marketing director Mark Bertens.
“We had been preparing the new website and supplier portal for some time before the coronavirus crisis emerged, so this is not just a response to the current situation. However, our efforts have come to fruition at a timely moment. We are very glad to be in a position to better support our customers’ needs during these especially challenging times.
“We’ve seen a lot and learned even more after 38 years in the industry. Which is why we knew the time was right to up our game even further when it comes to providing the fast, easy and flexible service our customers need.”
The transport company is a leading provider of door-to-door transportation services for bulk-liquid chemicals and food-grade products.
With a fleet of around 40,000 tank containers, the company is the only operator with its own worldwide network of 22 owned and joint venture depots.
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