Success story in the tank cleaning industry

CTW Cleaning Systems has finished a new project for Bertschi Group - the well-known global logistics service provider.
A new controlled steam heating installation for up to 24 ISO tanks, using pressurised steam, is now up and running at their site in Rotterdam.
With this custom-built installation, Bertschi is able to heat its tank containers daily in the most advanced and sustainable way.

Technical installation in container

The technical installation has been placed inside a 40ft-high container, built in accordance with European laws and regulations.
The container has been equipped with a highly efficient and energy-saving steaming boiler, water treatment system, condensate return for reuse, economiser and compressed air.
A custom-built galvanised platform 74 metres long was also installed, and has been equipped with three stairs to enter the platform.
In addition, 16 fall stairs have been installed in order to reach the ISO tank safely.
CTW also developed four unique swing arms for safety lines at Bertschi’s special request. In this way, the operators can safely move from container to container.
At ground level, under the platform, four landing stairs are provided so that the operator can move safely over the insulated steam and condensate pipes.
There are 24 branches for steaming and dewatering the tank containers, all equipped with automatic valves, including hose suspension brackets for steam and condensate hoses.

Control panels and data

There are also four touch screen control panels where the operator can set up and monitor the heating positions.
Each panel controls six heating positions, and the operator can begin the heating programmes from there. The course of the cycle can be closely followed and all data can be logged and extracted after the process is completed.
Bertschi can now control and monitor the entire process from its own office and via an app on any mobile device. This allows the heating process to be monitored and controlled at all times.
From a safety point of view, the installation is also linked to an emergency centre, which can alert the operators in the event of problems.
Its special features include high-end steaming boiler (delivered by Callens), automatic temperature control, wireless, real-time temperature sensors, constant temperature monitoring and logging, online remote control, alarm notifications via smartphone, email, etc. and data logging and extraction

CTW expanding its global presence

To provide customers worldwide with the best and fastest service, CTW has recently expanded its global presence.
Having previously set up agencies in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany, it is now locally present even further beyond its own borders.

Scandinavia and the Baltic states - Inertus
Recently, thanks to a new partnership with Inertus, CTW is now represented in Scandinavia and the Baltic states.
Inertus already has many years of experience in various construction and environmental management projects.
Since 2020, they have also been working on their course towards "green deals" - using leading solutions for facilities in the fields of water/wastewater treatment, biogas/biomethane production and emission reduction.
India – Sea Breeze Marine Engineers & Consultants
India continues to be a major growth market, especially when it comes to logistics. To be well represented in this region, CTW has partnered with Sea Breeze Marine Engineers & Consultants.
Middle East region - Sparetech Trading DMCC
Like India, the Middle East is also an important growth market.
In Sparetech Trading DMCC, CTW has found an excellent partner to represent its products. As a company, Sparetech has always focused on technology and innovation in the petroleum, chemical, oil & gas, ISO/ IMO container industry by providing high-quality solutions to technical challenges in the Middle East for the past 20 years with the support of OEM companies like Fort Vale, Timm Elektronik & Kalymnos.
CTW Cleaning Systems' installations fit nicely into that list and we are confident that this partnership will be a benefit to our customers in this region.
For more information: Visit: ctwcleaning.com

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