Superb cleaning from TTC

Silo and road tankers are able to undergo modern, sustainable cleaning processes at one of the largest logistics hubs in Europe at Cologne Eifeltor in Germany.
This is where Top Tank Cleaning (TTC) is located. TTC was founded by freight forwarder Ulrich Bresser and has been in operation since 2008.
The company offers computer-controlled special cleaning, alongside other innovative services including immediate container swaps and storages.
The Cologne Eifeltor industrial park is one of the largest container transshipment sites in the country and is well known as ‘the gateway to Europe’.
This is because of its excellent transport connections that have attracted many logistics businesses to the industrial park. This is the reason why TTC chose to base its operations close to Cologne’s container terminal.
The company cleans the interiors of around 80 silo and tank trucks at the site daily, totalling around 20,000 truck cleaning processes per year.
TTC’s customers include almost all major European tank and silo transporters.
“Our cleaning processes are not just fast and efficient - they’re also sustainable and provide good value for money. Thanks to the quality of our cleaning services, we’ve been working for many loyal customers for 15 years,” said managing director Bresser, who was keen to highlight the company’s success story.
“You could say we are an institution in the logistics scene in the metropolitan area of the city.”

Computer control for efficiency and speed

Bresser added: “We all know that time is money in logistics. That is why it is particularly important to keep waiting times as short as possible for cleaning processes.”
In order to achieve this goal, TTC uses control software like ACT-CONTROL and TSC-CLEANING.
Based on factors like the vehicle type, load content, amount of residue and tank size, this software automatically calculates the optimal quantity of cleaning products and controls the cleaning process on a fully automatic basis.
Waiting times are further minimised using 3D high-performance power flushing heads and subsequent high-speed hot air drying.

Immediate container swap

If things are more urgent, customers can also use the popular one-to-one immediate container swap service.
The tanks that need to be cleaned can be loaded into the large tank depot and swapped for a previously cleaned tank from the customer’s inventory, thus removing the need for the customer to wait for the cleaning process to be completed.
TTC’s container handling services also include storage for silos or palletised goods.
If residue like resins or paraffins become solidified in the containers, they can be heated at the steam heating station with steam pressure of up to 4 bar to up to 100 °C to convert the residue back into a liquid state.

Certified for many use cases

Customers benefit not only from professional interior cleaning of their silo and tank trucks with the help of state-of-the-art measuring and control technology – but also from minimal waiting times and services such as HACCP, GMP, Cargill or kosher.
For example, food containers can be cleaned on separate and independently certified equipment.
TTC’s tank cleaning experts are also able to provide professional cleaning services for IBC and ASF/ASP containers, including residue disposal, maintenance and repair.
Latex and dispersion tanks are processed within eight hours on the company’s own latex circulation system in a neutral and chemically clean process.
Additionally, TTC has several years’ experience in MDI and HDI tank container cleaning using its sandblasting system.

Sustainable and modern

TTC is also participating in the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) initiative, which is an international programme designed to reduce plastic waste in the environment.
Initially, TTC identifies potential sources of loss of plastic materials such as granules, flakes and powder, and uses technology to ensure that these materials do not get into the environment.
Its goal is ‘zero loss’ of plastic granulates into the environment.
TTC is also ISO 14001 certified in the area of sustainable environmental management and is regularly audited by the European Chemical Industry Association with regard to quality, safety and environmental performance as part of SQAS.
The company also has a new water treatment plant that filters the cleaning water multiple times and discharges the cleaned waste water slowly and in a controlled manner to minimise the environmental impact.
TTC’s facilities are located close to the A4 and within close proximity of the A1, A3, A59, A553 and A555 routes.

For more information: Visit: ttc.koeln.de

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