Suttons responds swiftly after SOS from customer

Suttons received an urgent plea for help from BIP Organics for the collection of waste material.
The request from their customer in Bradford, UK, was business critical to keep its north of England site operational.
Suttons already delivers feedstock into and collects finished materials out of the existing facility.
The Suttons Teesside site is manned by skilled operational planners 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who worked hard to review the operation and plans, check stock levels and organise support accordingly.
Suttons’ ability to redeploy resources where it was needed to fulfil the needs of the customer avoided significant business implications for BIP Organics.
Mark Lister, from BIP, said: “I would like to thank the team at Suttons Teesside for their quick and professional help when one of our clients had an onsite emergency due to equipment break down.
“This required the urgent removal of several bulk tanker loads of a flammable toxic material from Bradford and transport to our site in Middlewich.
“This was at short notice and over the weekend having to attend site at specified booking in times. If we had not reacted quickly the site would have needed to close its 24/7 operation at great cost. Suttons continued to support us during the following week.”

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