Suttons Tankers invest in new vehicles as part of £60 million contract

Suttons Tankers has invested in 14 new rigid vehicles as part of its Yorkshire Water contract.
The vehicles are currently being built and are set to be the first Volvo rigids to join the fleet.
The vehicles will cover the transportation for all liquid sludge and raw sludge cake across the region.
The tankers are split between six and eight-wheelers.
Last year, Yorkshire Water and Suttons Tankers have begun work on a 10-year contract worth up to £60 million (€70 million) that will deliver efficient sludge transportation across the region.
The bioresources sludge removal and transport services deal will cover the transportation for all internal liquid sludge and raw sludge cake from sewage works to sludge treatment centres.
Over the course of the contract a 15% carbon savings has been forecast, which forms part of Yorkshire Water’s commitment to be carbon net zero by 2030.
Liquid sludge is produced at over 600 sites and transported to Yorkshire Water works for treatment, with raw cake transported from 15 locations to Yorkshire Water’s energy generating sites.

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