Suttons Tankers strengthen partnership with Nynas with contract renewal

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Suttons Tankers has been awarded a three-year contract renewal with Nynas to move bitumen and bitumen emulsion across the UK.

Bitumen is primarily used for industrial purposes: the majority of sites that Suttons deliver into are quarries. The product is often found used in the construction industry but also has waterproofing and adhesive properties which make it a good product for the roofing industry.

The nationwide logistics provider has been Nynas’ key partner from its Eastham plant in Cheshire since first outsourcing its transport a decade ago. Since then the partnership between Suttons and Nynas has gone from strength to strength.

The nature of the product means there is significant seasonality outside of core requirements and Suttons’ ability to scale up is crucial to ensuring a successful and streamlined supply chain for Nynas. This is made possible by Suttons’ extensive fleet and experienced pool of cross-trained drivers.

Ensuring the safety of the product, the driver and all personnel involved is a key priority for both Suttons and Nynas. Suttons have a strong behavioural safety culture and train all its drivers to adhere to the highest levels of safety and compliance. In its financial year from April 2023, Suttons had seen an exemplary record of zero contaminations, injuries, blameworthy spills or road traffic accidents.

David Heath, Head of Fuels, commented: “We are very pleased to strengthen our partnership with Nynas even further with this contract extension.

“Investment in quality fleet has always been top of our agenda and we are proud that all vehicles on the Nynas contract have Euro 6 engines which contribute to improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, aligning to our ESG commitment.

“The Nynas operation is a core part of our Fuels sector and we are committed to continuing to provide excellent levels of service, innovation and safety.”

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