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Cleaning containers between two loads is an essential link in the vitally important logistics supply chain.
This critical cleaning stage contributes to the required safety standards for transporting sensitive products.
Since 1998, Samat has been able to provide a complete cleaning service thanks to its subsidiary Resoclean.
The six stations throughout France offer their services to all transport companies.
At its cleaning stations, Resoclean carries out work on tankers and containers, barrels as well as IBCs.
Resoclean accepts four main types of container for transporting and that includes chemicals, food products, powders and waste.
The company uses high-performance equipment such as high-pressure pumps, up to 350 bars, a steam generator and even techniques for capturing odorous vapours.
Formal identification of the transported products, computerised management of cleaning methods ensures high quality standards.
Regular SQAS assessments verify and validate Resoclean’s techniques and its compliance with recommended procedures.
The company’s installations have also been developed as part of its initiative to fight the pollution problem.
Resoclean is a member of the APLICA professional organisation which is, amongst other things, behind the eECD (EFTCO Cleaning Document) certificate.
The second phase of Resoclean’s business is water processing. Every day, the company checks the quality of its wastewater and passes the remaining industrial waste on to other authorised processing centres.


Transporting hazardous substances is always a challenge for any company.
Samat has been doing this work every day for the best part of more than 40 years. The business’s tanks and containers criss-cross European roads to meet its customers’ expectations and provide them with bespoke services in terms of chemicals, hydrocarbons, air and liquid petroleum gases.
A company spokesman said: “While remaining focussed on our core business - the transport of sensitive products, we also want to include the best of technology and provide high added value services. We do all we can to be recognised as a premium choice business at the service of your performance.
“This ambition can now be fully achieved at the European level thanks to our many sites. Indeed, the size achieved, combined with the agility of our network, makes it possible for us to act as close as possible to our customers, while proposing innovating solutions.”

For more information: Visit: samat.com

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