Tank cleaning in Zone 0

Reactors and autoclaves, containers, barrels, railroad cars and road tankers from various industry branches have to be cleaned and recycled. The containers are cleaned inside and outside to remove plaster, lacquer, paints and similar substances before refilling and thus meeting the high quality requirements.

Cleaning systems from URACA, a developer and manufacturer of moto-driven high pressure pumps, offer optimal cleaning results. The procedure is subject to ecological high pressure technology.

By means of high pressure water, various incrustations can be removed inside of autoclaves, reactors, spray towers and vessels. The pump unit discharges high pressure water of up to 1,600bar through the URACA tank cleaning head nozzles. The water jet cuts through the deposits, removing hard incrustations by means of precise rotating movement thus reaching the inner surfaces in an optimal way.

Thanks to its examination certificate according to EC directive 94/9/EC for category 1, URACA tank cleaning heads series TWK are permitted to be used in explosion proof areas zone 0 and zone 20. Optimised displacement circle diameter allows use of cleaning heads even with small access openings.

URACA’s high pressure water cleaning of vessels is a pollution-free procedure without chemical additives, mechanical tools or boiling. The wastewater is disposed of once it has been separated from the cleaning products. Compared with former methods, the cleaning cycles are now shorter and the cleaning effect better.

In order to achieve optimal cleaning results, the correct positioning of the tank cleaning head is of great importance. Due to the positioning device and the hose reel system being adapted to the geometry of the vessel, specific cleaning operations can be carried out. Custom-made cleaning systems are built for a variety of applications, e.g. TWK Trunk-O-Jet suitable for the cleaning of rail-road cars; hose reel systems for the cleaning of reactors; and automatic systems for the cleaning of tanks, barrels and vessels.

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