Tank cleaning professionals from Hamburg

Wilhelm Ernst, or Ernst Logistiks, has been running successfully since it started in the road haulage business in 1928.
The family business developed and evolved from the transportation of bitumen in the 1950s and the transportation of silo products such as flour in the 1960s to becoming a provider of broad logistic services for tank trucks and tank containers.
The construction of a tank cleaning plant in the 1980s was the basis for further diversification of the company.
Since 2006, the depot situated in Hamburg Harbour, directly in sight of the Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA) offers complete service for tank containers, including transportation.
To minimise waiting times and maximise cleaning and repair performance, several software programmes have been developed for each workspace and are continuously upgraded. This enables the cleaning work to be carried out to exact specifications depending on the tank size and the type of product.
Wilhelm Ernst’s emphasis is on good communication between the various departments ensuring that work is carried out swiftly and efficiently and so minimises waiting times for customers.
The facility is 45,000 square metres in size, enabling up to 1,800 standard tank containers to be stored there, while hazardous goods are located in a separate area.
For several decades the company has been working with national and internationally-renowned clients.
Wilhelm Ernst has been cleaning tanks carrying a wide range of products like food, oils, resins, waxes, additives, and polyol, to even some toxic products like herbicides. The safe container testing for tank frames is carried out every two-and a- half years while pressurised testing takes place every five years. Both tests are compulsory by law for the international transportation of tank containers.
Cleaned tanks are repaired following the client’s order, and the obligatory two-and-a-half and five-year tests can be carried out by a certified external test company, like Bureau Veritas, at the company’s on-site workshop.
The company also offers a national transport service through its own fleet of trucks.
With the firm’s headquarters located in the harbour vicinity, it is advantageous for clients to store their tanks a short distance away from the large container ships where they can be swiftly shipped across Europe. Wilhelm Ernst is Safety and Quality Assessment System assessed, which guarantees a thorough service compliant with German law.

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