TCL’s partnership enhances safety on UK’s roads

As a key player in the UK’s logistics network, TCL tankers are constantly travelling up and down the country to transport fuel, deliver food materials and complete various other operations for its rental clients across multiple industries.
TCL has now partnered with Designed for Safety specialising in the supply of safety solution products across various industries.
Designed for Safety supply products specifically designed for the tanker industry and will enhance the safety of TCL’s rental fleet as it allows customers to customise important details about their rental tanker’s status.
The company said: “As TCL becomes the main distributor of these products in the UK, we can now ensure our rental customers have full access to these safety products.
“Unfortunately, accidents happen - especially on the roads. However, these products allow for quick diagnosis of potential hazards arising from an accident - and facilitate swift action to dangerous situations. Designed to quickly communicate key details to the emergency services, these signs are the first point of call for minimising the impacts of an accident.”
When the police arrive on the site of an accident they need to do an efficient assessment to minimise risk and impact. If a tanker is punctured, and material is leaking from the tanker it is not sufficient to rely on the driver’s knowledge to understand what exactly the leaking material is.
Designed for Safety products allow the police to clearly interpret what the material leaking is along with other important details like how much liquid is within the tanker.
This then allows the police to make the necessary decisions to minimise the impact of the accident - particularly important in cases of fuel leakage.

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