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From its factory in Barcelona, TURCO has been supplying cleaning agents and providing technical assistance to tank cleaning centres throughout Europe for many years.
Due to the nature of products that road tankers carry every day, it is vital that these vehicles are washed and cleaned to a very high standard.
The variety of products transported in a road tanker or in a tank container are vast, so it is important that there are a range of versatile cleaning agents that can be used for different applications.
For more than 60 years, TURCO Spain has been working in the industrial chemistry market, initially as a supplier to the aeronautical market and later in a wider range of sectors.

Continuing growth

However, in recent years, the Spanish company’s presence in the tank cleaning market has continued to grow.
The firm specialises in the production of cleaning agents for some of the continent’s largest tank cleaning stations, for both chemical and foodstuff cleaning.
The main focus of its products is the removal of difficult residues, such as resins, latex, additives, fatty acids, but also animal fats, food waste, etc.
TURCO also supplies products for external washing, or renovation and conditioning of stainless steel or aluminium tanks and silos. It also supplies disinfectants, defoamers and deodorisers.
Sergio Saez Castro, technical sales manager at TURCO Spain, said one of the firm’s advantages is being able to carry out a wide range of cleaning operations with a reduced number of products.

Various applications

TURCO also prides itself in being able to clean any kind of residues, even the driest and most difficult ones, without having to enter the tank.
He added: “TURCO supplies, throughout Europe, to all types of tank cleaning centres, from small transport companies that clean their own road tankers to large global tank container operators, and in all cases with personalised technical attention.”
Another focal point of TURCO’s operations is compliance with some of the strictest quality standards.
It is currently ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certified and in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 certification. All of its products are also REACH compliant.
He added: “TURCO’s range of specially developed products for tank cleaning includes alkaline detergents suitable for chemical and food cleaning, non-flammable solvents for chemical, cleaning agents for recirculation systems, acid detergents, defoamers, residue strippers in dedicated containers, products for pickling and passivating of stainless steel and alkaline and acid detergents for exterior cleaning of tanks and truck cabins.”
TURCO also has plans for further growth in the EU, and also in other promising markets such as the Gulf States in the Middle East, India and the rest of Asia.
For more information: turco-spain.com/tankcleaning

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