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V-com Chemicals has an extensive range of specific and generic cleaning agents for various applications and target groups. In addition, the company has a specialised laboratory and many years of practical experience that is able to offer tailor made solutions for a multitude of cleaning issues. Here, sales and business development manager Michael Obeng answers questions put to him by Tank Cleaning Magazine.
Can you tell our readers about yourself and V-com Chemicals?
V-com Chemicals has only been around for a few years, but its roots go back to 1953, when two entrepreneurs started producing new industrial cleaning products in Maassluis, the Netherlands. Products for the tank cleaning market were, from the beginning, an essential part of the portfolio. In 2017, V-com Chemicals took this portfolio over and from that moment on, we have been working on becoming a market leader again in our core markets, with tank and truck cleaning being one of them.
At the beginning of last year, I joined V-com Chemicals as business development manager. I am an expert in cleaning processes in general and the tank cleaning business, in particular. With 12-and-a-half years of experience and an extensive network in the tank cleaning world internationally, I know better than anyone how important it is to have product and process well aligned. I will work together with our customers, at any level, to get the best out of a process and to find the right solution and products for each customer’s need.
Can you indicate what V-com Chemicals does in the tank cleaning industry and what your specific role is in this industry?
V-com Chemicals develops, advises and supplies cleaning products for industrial purposes. Our tagline is ‘Your Expert in Chemical Cleaning Products’. The tank cleaning industry is one of our core businesses. The products we offer are suitable for the chemical and food industry, as well as specialist cleaning processes. We also supply NFS approved products. Our product range is, therefore, geared to solving all cleaning problems and subsequent challenges that occur in this industry. Our product range consists of the following items: internal cleaning agents with food authorisation; external cleaning agents; resin cleaners; latex cleaners, and specialist cleaners. We have our own laboratory and specialists, enabling us to react quickly with new requirements and demands from the both market and society. Product development is key for us.
Can you outline the processes you use for this industry?
It’s not just about delivering products, but about much more. We base our approach on the knowledge of the industry and chemistry that the customer uses and the possble impact this has on the staff and the environment. We help with process optimisation, seen from the point of view of application, product and process.
What products do you use and how does your company stand out from the competition? V-Com Chemicals can supply the full package of products needed for the tank cleaning industry, both internally and externally. However, as I have reiterated, for us it is not only about selling the products. Only when we fully understand our customers’ processes can we advise them on the best products to use, the correct dosage and all other aspects around the cleaning process. We have years of experience in the field of developing cleaning agents for the cleaning industry, and, therefore, an extensive database of recipes and solutions. Clean, dry and odourless, taking into account the environment in which the product is used – that is what we strive for.
What are the biggest challenges for your company and your sector at the moment?

Apart from the general challenge of dealing with Covid at this particular time, the two main challenges are people and products. These elements define the link to our customers. We need good people to maintain the relationship with customers, but also to develop new, sustainable products that fulfill the demands of the industry and of the society. Part of the challenge on the product side is the tightness in availability of certain product ingredients.
Have there been any new developments within V-com Chemicals in the past 12 months? Are there any new developments or investments in the pipeline?

Last year, V-com Chemicals invested in the team, with my arrival and new commercial management. In the coming years we will expand the sales and support team further. We want to fulfill our ambition to be a market leader, not only in the Netherlands, but also in Europe and even beyond. Last year, we also started in the Middle East. The combination of the experiences of various industries and regions, our laboratory and its personnel, our product and recipe database, with the challenges our customers face in their daily activities, will help us to be what we want to be.
For more information: Contact Michael Obeng, Sales and business development manager on +31 (0)6 4819 2642 or email m.obeng@v-comchemicals.nl Visit: v-comchemicals.nl

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