THIELMANN launches new hazardous goods container

THIELMANN has launched a new double container for the secure storage and transportation of dangerous goods.
This heavy-duty double drum container solution features an outer drum constructed of highly durable AISI-316L stainless steel and an inner drum made from ISO NiCu30 (equivalent to Monel® 400), a nickel-copper alloy that is extremely resistant to corrosive environments.
This is suitable for N43 (§173.226 CFR - Code of Federal Regulations) and P804 (ADR) goods.
In between the two containers is an inert shock-absorbent layer that assures the protection of the container's contents and which satisfies the regulations as set out for this type of hazardous goods vessel.
The 'first-of-its-kind' UN approved packaging meets all of the stringent criteria as set out by the UN (ADR & CFR) for the storage and transportation of highly toxic and extremely flammable substances, including highly corrosive chemicals, acids and corrosive agents.
THIELMANN's Ultra Secure Dangerous Good Container comes available in many industry-ready formats, and can also be customised to meet its customer's unique requirements, such as with different fittings and size options.

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