Trade association drives up industry standards with remote training centre

The UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) has now been approved as a remote training centre for tanker drivers.
As one of the largest training providers for drivers in the UK this new remote training centre will allow UKIFDA to continue to provide their complete ‘one stop shop’ tanker driver training in a remote environment.
UKIFDA CEO Ken Cronin said: “The Department of Transport has recently announced that, due to the current pandemic, driver training should take place remotely whenever possible. The speedy action taken by UKIFDA to implement remote training means this will not impact our members training requirements.
“Through the new remote training, delivered via Zoom, UKIFDA are now able to offer UKIFDA members initial and refresher courses and annual refresher classroom driver training courses. The courses are all industry specific and tailored to the individual’s needs.
“Examinations cannot be conducted remotely, but arrangements can be made for these to take place at UKIFDA members’ approved sites in adherence to COVID-19 restrictions and UKIFDA will assist members in organising this.”
UKIFDA technical manager Tony Brown added: “Companies can choose what training course is best for their drivers, which means keeping costs low while maintaining high standards.
“Staying safe and competent on the roads is now far easier and more affordable too, with the addition of remote training it means there are various ways drivers can complete their training – this ensures liquid fuel distribution companies are not only up-to-date but they can do this in a way that works best for them and their drivers.
“All our training courses are delivered to the highest industry standard and are flexible to meet each driver’s needs.”

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