TRIAX safety ladder offers lateral access to tanks

France-based TRIAX has developed a new safety ladder that offers lateral access to tanks and containers, protecting personnel during operations.

Access to the dome of vehicles is always a risk factor; the surface of the dome is unstable and depending on the contents of the tank or container, it can be slippery. It only takes one wrong move to cause a fall that can, in the worst case, be fatal.

The TRIAX safety mobile ladder protects the operator during his accession and his evolution on the dome thanks to its corbelling.

Depending on the situation and available space, frontal access to the vehicle is not always possible. This is why TRIAX has developed its new safety mobile ladder with lateral access. Thanks to its winch system, the ladder can tilt back to back off from the tank without the operator having to move it. This enables the operator to move the ladder parallel to the vehicle in a restricted area.

Access to the corbelling is possible via an aluminium ladder with bars, which is adjustable in height using a winch. The height of the mobile ladder is adjustable from 2,650mm to 4,400mm. Access is facilitated by two ramps.

The new ladder combines easy access with total security of the operator during his interventions: a practical and innovative concept.

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