US haulage industry unites in appreciation for those on frontline

American Trucking Associations will be providing more support for drivers with additional hand sanitiser stations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The association along with OneBeacon, US Bank, Michelin and Hydro-Chem Systems are behind a new initiative - Providing for the Frontlines.
This new initiative aims to support workers in the haulage industry who continue to deliver US goods throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
“OneBeacon Insurance is proud of truckers and their unwavering determination to continue to deliver much needed goods and services during COVID-19,” said Lori Cernera, president of OneBeacon’s accident and Health group. “In their honour, we are excited to be able to sponsor a programme that provides drivers with hand sanitiser and gift cards for meals during this difficult time.”
“Throughout this crisis, professional truck drivers have been there, delivering for all of us,” said ATA president and CEO Chris Spear.
“They have delivered to hospitals, markets and homes, keeping our nation moving forward. It is unfortunate that it took a global pandemic for these heroes to get the recognition they so richly deserve, but we are pleased to see them receive it now, and we’re proud to have this opportunity recognize them as the heroes they are.”

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