Using the right cleaning procedures and chemicals

At the technical heart of every tank cleaning depot are high pressure pumps, chemical dosing units and heat exchangers, all controlled by a PLC under the direction of an experienced operator. In addition, support equipment such as fast drying systems, wastewater treatment systems and air purification technology is installed to complement the services offered.

Applying cleaning chemistry and optimising procedures are extremely important parts of achieving the depot cleaning performance requirements.

Equally important is the impact of both on the environment (wastewater and air purification) and operator safety. It is for this reason that Gröninger has teamed up with WVT Industries and Cindax to have a single point of contact for its global customer base.

For the past few years, a range of specially formulated cleaning chemicals, under the brand name GroClean, have proven their worth. By popular request, chemical manufacturer WVT Industries and Gröninger have arranged to make the GroClean brand available to all tank cleaning operators around the world.

The GroClean range will be added to the extensive Gröninger Support Beyond Cleaning programme. This programme offers a wide range of support options on Gröninger equipment and its partner systems. As part of this programme, customers may now also access the Cindax network. Cindax carries out in-depth analyses of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and translates this data into information that guarantees a correct cleaning and water treatment procedure.

The Gröninger Support Beyond Cleaning programme helps customers to increase performance and leads to customer satisfaction.

Visit: www.groninger.eu

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