Van den Bosch completes new tank cleaning project in Ghana

Van den Bosch has successfully worked on a new cleaning station in Ghana with Amaris Terminals.
Due to the growing demand and increasing number of customers from West Africa, the logistics service provider is expanding its new ISO tank equipment portfolio and helped construct a new state-of-the-art cleaning station.
This modern tank cleaning is now fully operational and running at full capacity in cooperation with its new partner.
Amaris Terminals is the largest facility in Tema, Ghana.
Van den Bosch opened the new tank cleaning station at the beginning of this year as replacement for the old facility that opened in 2016.
"The new cleaning, built within a 40ft HC container, was constructed with the latest modern technology in cooperation with Gröninger Cleaning Systems in Rotterdam," said Mark Ashton, commercial director at Van den Bosch.
“In addition, the cleaning station is built in full compliance with European quality standards for food-grade, kosher and halal cleaning protocols. With this, we support the innovative character of Van den Bosch.
“The new technology enables us to focus on providing sustainability and allows us continue our focus on the development of import & export, and Liquid bulk solutions, amongst other things.”
Following the opening of the new tank cleaning in Ghana, Van den Bosch is working towards a second West African cleaning facility located in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
This depot will also be built according to the high European quality standards and will meet all requirements for Food-grade, Kosher and Halal cleaning protocols.
He added: "With this investment, we continue supporting our clients and the manufacturers of West Africa and we underpin our position as the supply changer in bulk."

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