Van den Bosch opens branch in Milan

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Van den Bosch has opened a branch in Agrate Brianza, Milan, as it continues to develop its activities in the Italian market.
“In recent years we have achieved considerable growth in the Italian market, partly due to the acquisition of fellow transporter, Gé Simons.
“ Now we are taking the next step by realising our further growth ambition with local representation,” said Paul van de Vorle, director of business development.
Van den Bosch has been active in the Italian market for many years with the intermodal transport of dry and liquid bulk goods for the food and chemical industry.
He added: “We have grown rapidly in the transport of dry bulk goods in recent years – mainly the transport of powders with silo pressure containers.
“We are now the European market leader. By opening a branch in Italy, we are providing local representation that brings us closer to our customers and enables us to respond better to market developments.”
Van den Bosch sees future opportunities in this region for both dry and liquid bulk logistics.
He added: “Not only between Northern Europe and Italy, but also in connecting Southern and Eastern European markets with Italy through rail and short sea solutions. Italy is also an important corridor to North Africa. This will strengthen our deep-sea network and our leading position as a tank operator on the African continent.”
Manuela Musoni twill take on the role of general manager of the Italian branch.
Musoni said: “Being physically present in Italy brings us closer to our customers and partners and will enable us to intensify our cooperation. In doing so, we are taking our activities to the next level and contributing to Van den Bosch’s strategic ambition. I look forward to helping to realise this.”

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