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The International Association for Supply Chain Safety - Food Feed, Chemicals (ENFIT) has evolved in recent years - particularly with extra certification and the implementation of new digital processes, according to its president Hans-Dieter Philipowski.
ENFIT is breaking new ground with hybrid blockchain cloud technology as well as new BulkVision software.
“A lot of this is still filled out, printed and given to the driver,“ said Philipowski. “One of the issues is that language is often a major barrier and errors can occur when important information is transferred in this way. These mistakes inevitably lead to issues between the contractual partners and can be very time consuming to resolve. At the end of the day, this makes the logistics process ineffective and more expensive.
“There can be communication issues with staff at the loading stations, for example, in identifying seals or obtaining information about the number of compartments, the load weight and other technical details.
“However, with the new blockchain technology, ENFIT and the software developer BulkVision have developed an intelligent solution for all participants in the logistics chain.“
Software advantages
The new software has many advantages for logistics and transport particularly during loading and unloading, for cleaning stations and container depots.
This new digital process tracks the location of a transport container including its expected arrival time at the loading and unloading stages while all check-in and check-out processes are completely digital.
Among the companies to be using this new technology includes Tank Cleaning Zimmermann, based in Bitterfeld-Wolfen in Germany.
Zimmerman has been cleaning silo vehicles, tankers, tank containers and IBCs for chemical products, food and animal feed since last October.
Using the latest green cleaning technology all residues from the transport containers can be recycled and disposed of in a professional and environmentally friendly manner at its own connected special waste recycling and disposal technology system.
All wastewater from cleaning the inside of the tank is also treated within the company’s own special wste disposal facility.
The cleaning station has been approved by the German authorities and it has been accredited with the ENFIT HQF Food and Feed certification. The cleaning station bears the ENFIT quality seal of approval – BASIC PLUS and the additional ENFIT-KOSHER Certificate.
All data processsed with the BulkVision blockchain software is also documented with the ECC-ENFIT cleaning certificate.
Zimmermann’s managing director Andreas Schulze said: “Everyone is talking about digitalisation and green environment technologies. We have tackled these issues consistently and have implemented both in our cleaning station. Together with ENFIT and BulkVision, we use blockchain and the most modern, energy-saving cleaning technology.“
New Zimmermann customers also receive an ENFIT global identification number (GID) when they register.
With every additional cleaning opertion, the GID is used to digitally indetify the client and transport container while drivers can check in digitally.
The relevant cleaning certification is issued as a paper document and as a digital document that is saved in the blockchain.
The digital certifiction will be sent to the registered email address of the owner with all the relevant details including geo-location, test reports and shipping documents, digital security seals, seal plan and the total number of seals.
Philipowski concluded: “Logisticians and cleaning stations can, therefore, use their time more effectively. The owners of the transport containers can communicate in real-time with their partners, for example, with depot operators and cleaning stations.
“Checklists are no longer processed on paper and laboriously transferred into Microsoft Excel tables, which are then sent from one to the other by email. All communication takes place online, directly and in real time - all over the world. This is real innovation with new possibilities.“
For more information: Visit enfit.eu

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