Vos Logistics looks to the future with anniversary celebrations

European transport and logistics services provider Vos Logistics has celebrated 75 years or operations with an event focusing on the future: IMAGINEVosLogistics100.

During the event, which took place on 5 September, topics including digitisation, sustainability, labour market development and e-commerce were addressed – all of which Vos Logistics believes will be critical issues over the next 25 years.

Guest speakers addressed around 600 guests from across Europe, including Scania’s Henrik Henriksson, Randstad’s Jacques van den Broek, Lightyear’s Tom Selten and Elisabeth Fretheim from Nikola Motor.

Industry impacts

Digitisation and data analytics will make transactions more efficient in the future, and will optimise the planning of resources while improving reliability and speed of services. In terms of sustainability, the pressure to reduce emission will drive the market towards the use of bioenergy, electricity and hydrogen to power vehicles.

Changing consumer behaviour driven by e-commerce is expected to transform supply chains, while the constraints of labour, together with the increased use of robots and autonomous driving, is potentially the most challenging development.

Commenting on the event and anniversary, CEO Frank Verhoeven said: “It’s not about predicting the future, but creating it. Together!”

While the company currently focuses on international transport activities, it intend to expand in warehousing and distribution services, and is open to other opportunities within its scope.

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