Zistos introduces new inspection system for bulk transportation vessels

Zistos Corp., a US-based inspection technology specialist, has introduced a new system designed to inspect the interior of bulk transportation vessels.

The new system, called IAD-TIPZ-H6, can inspect transportation such as rail tankers and tanker trailers without the need to make a confined space entry, the company said in a statement.

An operator can insert this system into a tanker and look for contaminants, cracks, corrosion, vermin, or just to assess interior conditions to ensure conditions are acceptable for the next load.

The IAD-TIPZ-H6 system functions with a special pole mounted video camera that has been designed to mount on top of an open manway on a tanker.

In a statement, the company said: “Internal images of the tanker can be safely viewed when the camera assembly is inserted into the tanker manway and the inspector remains outside of the tankers confined space. 

“The camera has very bright illuminators that are built in and features 10X optical zoom magnification. The position and angle of the camera can be manipulated by moving the pole so that any area of the tanker interior can be viewed.

“The video image is viewed on a 5.6” LCD WalkAbout display with a built in video recorder.”


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