Jan 22, 2024
Wincanton to be taken over by French operator
Jan 17, 2024
Vervaeke, a European leader in tank transport for the chemical and petrochemical sectors, will handle the distribution of air gases, carbon dioxide, helium and hydrogen for Messer in the Benelux. The Belgian group is taking an important step towards a key role in gas distribution. From 2025, the company will ensure the complete distribution of deep-cooled gases (argon,... [Read More]

Jan 16, 2024
The chemical transport and logistics sector faced several geopolitical conflicts around the world, which had an immediate and significant impact on the social and economic life in all EU countries in 2023. ECTA members experienced declining and unpredictable transportation volumes, fluctuating fuel prices and high inflation rates. At the same time, Europe’s sustainability... [Read More]

Jan 11, 2024
Kube & Kubenz has added tank container heating services at its Bergheim depot. A water-glycol heating unit can offer temperatures of up to 95°C for four containers simultaneously. Certain ADR products can also be handled at the facility. The Bergheim depot was opened last June, offering storage for up to 120 tank containers. The foundations for Kube & Kubenz were laid... [Read More]

Jan 10, 2024
In the dynamic landscape of Spanish industrial tank cleaning, the country’s association of tank cleaning stations (ANLIC) has reiterated its unwavering commitment to excellence, environmental responsibility and industry advancement. ANLIC , or the Asociación Nacional de Lavaderos de Interiores de Cisternas, is the Spanish association of certified tank cleaning stations.... [Read More]

Jan 3, 2024
The development and growth of tank container operations globally is dependent upon there being suitable cleaning stations available in the many – and diverse – locations and routes where tank containers trade. The Kluthe Group, with its headquarters in Heidelberg, is a family-owned producer of chemical products for surface treatment. Tank cleaning is a significant... [Read More]

Dec 22, 2023
Tank Cleaning Magazine wishes a happy and restful festive period to all of our readers. Thank you for following us, and we look forward to resuming activity on 2 January 2024. ... [Read More]

Dec 21, 2023
HÜNI+CO and Van Moer Logistics are expanding their services for the coating of tank containers in the port of Antwerp as part of an exclusive partnership. The logistics service provider Van Moer Logistics already offers minor repairs to tank container coatings in its HÜNI+CO-certified depot in the port of Antwerp. Starting this summer, the two companies will also... [Read More]

Dec 12, 2023
There are hundreds of cleaning stations located across the continent and millions of European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations (EFTCO) Cleaning Documents (ECD) are issued to companies. EFTCO and its associated cleaning stations have always focused on their responsibilities for food safety, hygiene as well as sustainability. Growing membership EFTCO currently... [Read More]

Dec 11, 2023
Bio-LNG supplier Gasrec has announced several new deals to strengthen the resilience of its supply chain as the company prepares for considerable expansion over the next few years, with three new refuelling locations to open before the end of the first quarter of next year. The business reported an all-time sales spike for biomethane across the road transport sector,... [Read More]

Dec 4, 2023
Suttons International China has launched its new domestic trucking service exclusively tailored for the Chinese region. Suttons Tankers China is now officially qualified for the transportation of Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 dangerous goods on Chinese roads. The company has invested significantly in its fleet, acquiring 10 new tractors featuring the latest technology... [Read More]

Nov 30, 2023
Bertschi Group has announced the successful opening of its Zhangjiagang Liquids Chemical Hub. The event took place earlier in the summer, July 5-6, and was attended by high-ranking government officials and over 250 customers. The new hub is in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta and is considered as having one of the highest standards in terms of safety and sustainability... [Read More]

Nov 24, 2023
Bulk liquid transporter Mega-Inliner International Group and Torwesten Spedition have announced a new partnership. The two supply chain innovators have formalised an exclusive agreement dedicated to sustainable beer and all other non-hazardous liquid transportation. Sidon van Laarhoven, CEO of Mega-Inliner, and Marc de Kort, CEO of Torwesten, have highlighted the vast... [Read More]

Nov 20, 2023
A disposal company’s recent search for a high-performance tanker pump has demonstrated how major savings can be made by finding a supplier that wants to provide a truly long-term solution, rather than just sell you the nearest unit that they have sitting on the shelf. Transporting solvents, waste oil, sludge and various chemicals are part of the disposal company’s... [Read More]

Nov 17, 2023
HTC began its journey into the tank cleaning sphere in 1998 when its first station located near the port of Antwerp opened. What initially began as a single cleaning station quickly expanded into a larger group of four stations located across Belgium. Jochen Van Hoydonck, business manager Group HTC – Tankcleaning, said he has been delighted with the company’s progress... [Read More]

Nov 14, 2023
Van den Bosch has opened a branch in Agrate Brianza, Milan, as it continues to develop its activities in the Italian market. “In recent years we have achieved considerable growth in the Italian market, partly due to the acquisition of fellow transporter, Gé Simons. “ Now we are taking the next step by realising our further growth ambition with local representation,”... [Read More]

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