Industrial spray nozzle manufacturer and supplier PNR has launched a new UK website to make it easier for new and existing customers to browse the company’s product catalogue. Offering an interface for computers, tablets, and mobile devices, the site has been overhauled to reduce clutter and make it easy to navigate to the needed product and to contact the company. PNR... [Read More]

Commercial trailer manufacturer Fruehauf and lightweight metals company Alcoa have put a new series of tipping trailers into production. The trailers are being made with Alcoa’s Endur-Al aluminium alloy to give greater strength and durability while reducing the weight. Endur-Al, which is 52% stronger than standard 5083 H111 aluminium alloy and 20-30% lighter than... [Read More]

The development of a US-based online tool which helps to identify tank corrosion potential from various chemical cargoes is making steady progress, according to a tank truck lobby group that founded the innovation. According to news outlet Bulk Transporter, the National Tank Truck Carriers’ Liquid Products Database is currently being expanded to identify the corrosion... [Read More]

The International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO) has claimed to have launched the tank container industry’s first corporate responsibility code of practice. An ITCO corporate responsibility workgroup has defined 18 key priorities that are of specific importance for the tank container industry to reach a harmonious balance between economic, environmental, local... [Read More]

Scully Signal Company, a US-based fluid handling products manufacturing firm, has announced the appointment of Eric Kirleis as its CEO. Kirleis previously worked at Gefran Corporation, a family owned worldwide industrial sensor and controls manufacturing company in charge of their North American division. While at Gefran, Kirleis had full profit and loss responsibilities... [Read More]

Bulk logistics specialist Hoyer has taken over the task of delivering to more than 200 Total service stations in west and north Germany. Under the terms of the new contract, Hoyer will provide fuel scheduling and stock management services. It builds on the Hoyer’s services for Total in Bremen, the Ruhr district and Emsland region, where it has been delivering since... [Read More]

Quala, a US-based bulk transportation cleaning specialist, has opened a new container cleaning facility in Hutchins, Texas. The facility, which was opened earlier this year, will include four trailer cleaning bays on seven acres of land, servicing various types of containers, including ISO tank containers, Frac tanks, IBC’s and tank trailers. “We’re... [Read More]

Suttons, a UK-based international logistics company, has taken delivery of a fleet of new food grade 20ft tank containers. They have already gone into operation serving customers between North America and Europe. Suttons, based in Widnes, located in the northwest England, is more widely known for its bulk chemical and gas logistics and supply chain services. Steve Lonsdale,... [Read More]

UWL, a US-based bulk liquid and chemical freight forwarder, has launched a new product for shipping non-hazardous bulk liquid cargo – the UWL FlexiTank The innovation is now available alongside the company’s existing third-party offerings, increasing the range of options for clients. Chris Booij, global and Europe director of UWL FlexiTanks & Bulk Liquid... [Read More]

EFTCO has developed its food assessment system to meet the recent demands of the food industry and tank cleaning stations. Under the changes, the food industry will be now able to evaluate the results of the EFTCO Food Assessment Report. In the past EFTCO set out KO-criteria in the assessment, but as different food sectors have their own criteria which may or may not... [Read More]

Earlier this year NewPort announced the opening of its new office in Mumbai, making it the first global tank container operator to have an office in India. The new office, NewPort said in a statement, supports the company’s global growth strategy, allowing it to provide ‘best in class’ service to its Indian customers and further develop the local market.... [Read More]

GEA Breconcherry offers a range of tank cleaning equipment, designed to meet the varying requirements within the brewing and beverage industries. The cleaners can be used in tanks with diameters of up to 33m at flow rates of up to 66.7m³/h. The operating pressure range varies between 0.5 and 90bars. The latest additions to GEA Breconcherry’s range of equipment... [Read More]

Scanjet, a global supplier of tank cleaning equipment headquartered in Sweden, has upgraded its SC 30A single nozzle tank cleaning machine. For many years the SC 30A has been operating at tank cleaning stations around the world, eliminating the need for manual entry and improving worker safety in these dangerous environments. Working in the oil industry puts high demands... [Read More]

Independent waste management company Cleansing Service Group (CSG) is continuing to expand with its fifth business acquisition in two years. In early 2015 the company confirmed it acquired part of the business and assets of Sandycroft, North Walesbased Tradebe Refinery Services (TRS), formerly known as Willacy Oil Services. Willacy, founded in 1989, is a specialist in... [Read More]

The Cleaning Guard system for tank container cleaning has been audited and accredited by Sure Global Fair (SGF). Cleaning Guard was developed by Gröninger Cleaning Systems, a supplier of high-pressure cleaning systems, and Lucrasoft Solutions as a specific module within their MainPro management software, which is used by many tank cleaning companies worldwide. The... [Read More]