Aug 16, 2021
EFTCO updates cleaning codes
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Aug 4, 2021
Coating Center, founded in 2003, is a technology driven business with almost 20 years’ experience in the coatings and sealing industry. Tank Cleaning Magazine speaks to Jason Donohue, the company’s global operations director. Can you explain the origins of Coating Center, where you are based, how many people you employ and your core business? Coating Center was... [Read More]

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Jul 19, 2021
CTW Cleaning Systems is a well-known Belgian manufacturer of tank cleaning, car wash and truck wash installations with more than 35 years of technical knowledge and experience. It has a strong track record in initiating tank cleaning projects in Europe and abroad. After the completion of tank cleaning projects for Katoen Natie in Belgium and Germany, the company also... [Read More]

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Jun 21, 2021
The International Association for Supply Chain Safety – Food Feed, Chemicals – ENFIT – has developed enormously in recent years, particularly with extra certification and the implementation of new digital processes, according to its president Hans-Dieter Philipowski. At the beginning of this year, ENFIT published its first international guidelines for the transport... [Read More]

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May 21, 2021
It is true that there are a large number of pump manufacturers out there, but when designing a vehicle, should the pump be left to last as a bolt-on consideration? If all that is required is a cheap and cheerful off-the-shelf pump for a regular, straightforward cleaning job, then perhaps there is no need to go overboard on specification – but what if there are opportunities... [Read More]

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May 17, 2021
SNP said that its container cleaning solution has continued to receive positive feedback from customers across the UK who have installed the system in their container wash bays. The Orbitor Truck Cleaner uses SNP’s Orbitor rotary jet nozzle heads. It is a 316l stainless steel cleaner, which SNP was keen to stress are extremely robust and able to withstand high... [Read More]

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Apr 21, 2021
ARCOI was established more than half a century ago in Tarragona, Spain, and in the beginning was dedicated to the development and manufacture of thermal dynamic systems, creating a variety of products for different types of industries. As the company was located near the important petrochemical centre in Tarragona, it began specialising in the design, manufacture,... [Read More]

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Apr 6, 2021
Sergio Saez Castro, technical sales manager at TURCO Spain, speaks to Tank Cleaning Magazine about the growing success of the company and its plans for the year ahead. Your company is well known in the tank cleaning market, but could you tell me about its history? Sixty years ago, TURCO started its activity as a manufacturer of chemicals for the aviation industry, and... [Read More]

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Mar 22, 2021
Stolt Tank Containers’ global network includes 22 tank cleaning stations and container depots strategically located in key markets worldwide. All of Stolt’s cleaning stations comply with local government regulations, with health, safety and wastewater management as key priorities. Its expanding network of cleaning stations operate with local joint venture partners... [Read More]

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Feb 25, 2021
Following the rollercoaster ride that was 2020, the European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations (EFTCO) is wondering what the year ahead has in store for the industry. Following the end of the transition period that finally saw the UK leave the EU for good and the culmination of the Trump Administration in the US, the sector is looking forward to more stability... [Read More]

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Jan 26, 2021
Under contract to a major chemical industry customer, HOYER Group engineers pooled their specialist knowledge and developed a new generation of titanium tank containers for highly corrosive dangerous goods. After two years of intensive development work and construction time, two units have been brought into operation. The project team made a successful breakthrough by... [Read More]

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Jan 11, 2021
Suttons experienced what was a described by many journalists as a “logistics nightmare” when a growing list of countries closed their borders to Britain due to fears of a new, highly contagious, strain of coronavirus last month. This caused travel chaos, fears of food shortages and panic surrounding other implications on supply chains. With a significant contract... [Read More]

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Dec 22, 2020
Kurt Richter, the managing director of Curt Richter SE, speaks to Tank Cleaning Magazine about the challenges his company faces. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your company and services, in particular Curt Richter’s involvement in tank cleaning? Curt Richter SE has been active in the field of tank logistics for the chemical and petrochemical... [Read More]

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Dec 1, 2020
Wilhelm Ernst, or Ernst Logistiks, has been running successfully since it started in the road haulage business in 1928. The family business developed and evolved from the transportation of bitumen in the 1950s and the transportation of silo products such as flour in the 1960s to becoming a provider of broad logistic services for tank trucks and tank containers. The... [Read More]

Feature News
Nov 13, 2020
Tank Cleaning Magazine spoke to Patrik Fagerström, the CEO of Tankclean Sweden, about the success of his operations in Scandanavia. Can you explain the work that Tankclean Sweden carries out? Tankclean Sweden operates in six locations throughout Sweden’s petrochemical hubs – Gothenburg, Stenungsund (two locations) Kvarntorp, Stockholm, and Perstorp. All the sites... [Read More]

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